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Why does the C-JDBC controller takes 10 minutes to start?

In its default configuration, the C-JDBC controller collects all the metadata from each database backend to build a dynamic schema. From the default virtual database configuration file, it also collects all the stored procedures available from the database. This is a very time time consuming process especially with some databases that exports hundreds of tables and stored procedures. If you don't need to gather all that information (i.e. you do not use stored procedure), you can refer to this page of the user guide. and define a dynamicPrecision to tune the amount of metadata to gather. The following part of the DTD is to consider:

        <!ELEMENT DatabaseSchema (DatabaseStaticSchema?)>
        <!ATTLIST DatabaseSchema dynamicPrecision (static|table|column|procedures|all) "all" > 

This is defined in the DatabaseBackend element, so in your virtual database configuration file, you should replace this xml part:

        <DatabaseBackend ...> 
          <ConnectionManager vLogin="cjdbc" rLogin="cjdbc" rPassword="cjdbc">

by this one:

        <DatabaseBackend ...>
          <DatabaseSchema dynamicPrecision="column"/>
          <ConnectionManager vLogin="cjdbc" rLogin="cjdbc" rPassword="cjdbc">

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