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Friday, 16 September 2005: C-JDBC 2.0.2 released

Maintenance release including mainly fix for virtual database shutdown bug in distributed mode and connection pool managers bugs (RandomWaitPoolConnectionManager and VariablePoolConnectionManager).

  • Fixed OctopusBackuper that deleted dumps dir
  • Fixed RandomWaitPoolConnectionManager synchronization that was broken in 2.0.1. Problem reported by Michael Plezbert.
  • Fixed virtual database shutdown in distributed mode where backends were not disabled on the last remaining controller in the cluster.
  • Fixed controller shutdown problem in SAFE and FORCE modes that would fallback to WAIT mode and terminate the recovery log before disabling the backends.
  • Fixed synchronization problem in VariablePoolConnectionManager that would prevent its correct termination. Also fixed release time inconsistencies reported by Ray Matthes.

Tuesday, 30 August 2005: C-JDBC 2.0.1 released

Bug fix release including also a new PostgreSQL binary backuper.

  • Renamed PostgreSQL backuper and added binary backuper: 2 backupers are now provided: PostgreSQLPlainTextBackuper and PostgreSQLBinaryBackuper (instead of PostgreSQLBackuper) (Dylan).

Tuesday, 30 August 2005: C-JDBC 2.0.1 released

Bug fix release including also a new PostgreSQL binary backuper.

  • Renamed PostgreSQL backuper and added binary backuper: 2 backupers are now provided: PostgreSQLPlainTextBackuper and PostgreSQLBinaryBackuper (instead of PostgreSQLBackuper) (Dylan).
  • Fixed OutOfBoundException in RAIDb-1 and RAIDb-2 rollback in case a backend was late to execute previous queries in the rollbacked transaction. Bug reported by Christophe Taton.
  • Fixed recovery log cleaning to use the proper SQL column name if it has been overridden in the configuration file.
  • Changed connection pools to use data structures with less synchronization overhead.
  • Fixed bug in VariablePoolConnectionManager that did not properly update pool size on bad connection replacement. Bug reported by Ray Matthes.
  • Failure to clean the recovery log now displays a full stack trace.
  • Fixed cleanup of total order queue on aborts (usually happens when a connection is closed while it is in a transaction but has not played any query in that transaction). This would block further query execution.
  • Fixed DriverSQLException(SerializableException) bug introduced (unfortunately) just before 2.0rc1. Controller stack trace was lost in the driver due to bad constructor chaining.
  • Fixed [BUG #303861] to accept white spaces in checkpoint name in admin command "force checkpoint".
  • Integrated fix from Ray Matthes on wrong instanceof in execute write request with keys in distributed mode.

Friday, 5 August 2005: C-JDBC 2.0 released

Support for JDBC 3.0 Savepoints, new JGroups version, new Serialization protocol, new infrastructure for database backup/restore, full transparency for database metadata and new command line console.

  • Made text console default console since graphical console is no more maintained.
  • Upgraded JGroups to version 2.2.8 to fix problem of messages dropped when view changes. Updated default configuration file for new JGroups version.
  • Fixed distributed virtual database startup to not try to handle distributed requests until initialization phase is complete.
  • Fixed problem in C-JDBC transparent reconnect feature that would fail to re-use the proper login/password information on a different controller.
  • Upgraded to new version of Tribe that fixes problems with group membership changes (controller add or remove) during active multicast.
  • Fixed [BUG #303512] where a request would hang when another controler is killed during the request execution.
  • Fixed potential out of order logging on controllers without backends.
  • Fixed partial scheduler notification for distributed write requests that fail to execute.
  • Fixed bug in scheduler notification for distributed stored procedure execution that would block the backend re-enable as reported by Dylan.
  • Fixed [BUG #303826]: Changed DumpTable element in DTD to override tables column name on databases where tables is a reserved keyword.
  • Fixed transfer command to only accept enabled backend to be transferred.
  • Updated examples to comply to new DTD format.
  • Renamed JDBCRecoveryLog to RecoveryLog. Modified DTD so that RecoveryLog is now directly replaced by JDBCRecoveryLog content and JDBCRecoverLog has been removed (it is now called RecoveryLog).
  • Modified JDBCLoggerThread (renamed to LoggerThread) to handle LogEvents that offer a clean interface to manipulate the log instead of the various workarounds trying to pass their parameters in LogEntry objects.
  • Removed AbstractRecoveryLogMBean since the interface was not meaningful anymore. This will have to be re-designed when we rethink a more modular JMX API.
  • Fixed distributed commit/rollback to be properly logged on controllers without any backend enabled. This also handles transactions that have started before the controller joined the cluster.
  • Fixed recovery log recover procedure to be protected against concurrent log updates during transactions rollback.
  • Fixed synchronization problem between requests containing the exact same SQL inside the same transaction (or in autocommit mode) when using controller replication. This behavior reported by Eugene Barlow was due to an incomplete equals in AbstractRequest.
  • Fixed bug in DriverResultSet.getObject() that would generate an NPE if the ResultSet is not generated from a statement. This fixes the issue reported by Szymon when trying to cascade controllers.
  • Fixed [BUG #303810] where a backend transfer would not preserve the dynamic precision settings to fetch the backend schema.

Tuesday, 26 July 2005: C-JDBC 2.0rc1 released

New driver/controller protocol that does not use Java serialization anymore. Completely refactored backup/restore infrastructure. New command line console with user friendly names, completion, history and advanced command. New distributed recovery features and updated documentation. Many fixes for better JDBC compliance such as support for JDBC 3.0 specific DatabaseMetaData.

  • Updated user guide with new DTD, Backupers, recovery procedures and new commands in text console.
  • Fixed [BUG #303795] where Commit/Rollback on a joining controller would fail if the controller joined after the transaction was started.
  • Refactored stored procedure scheduling so that schedulers can properly handle stored procedures instead of the previous fake read locking of tables. This also allows proper total order execution in distributed mode.
  • FIXED [BUG #303785] when connection to a new controller, invalidate all the local MBeans instances which referers to the previous Controller (and its associated MBeanServer)
  • Fixed PreparedStatement to properly handle setXXX(null) when driver processed is set to false. This also handles properly setString('N|') that matches the tag we use to escape the null tag.
  • Added examples for Apache Derby for both embedded and remote modes using C-JDBC. All examples are located in doc/examples/Derby.
  • Fixed driver compliance checking to not fail on getObject if the ResultSetMetadata obtained on the tables/view gathering does not contain any column. Problem reported by Szymon Skorupiski.
  • Fixed Statements to recognize 'values' keyword used by Apache Derby.
  • DisableBackend command now does automatic checkpoint name generation.
  • Fixed [BUG #303765] where backend replication will not replicate the dynamic precision for fetching the schema.
  • Refactored database schema handling in virtual database and backends to force a resfresh only when needed.
  • Updated DatabaseMetadata to fetch information from the underlying database in RAIDb-1. Implemented all missing DatabaseMetadata calls that returns a ResultSet including the one that are specific to JDBC 3.0.
  • Refactored driver/controller protocol that no more uses Java serialization.
  • Re-implemented Blobs from scratch.
  • Refactored sql console admin. Splitted commands in their own ConsoleCommand class
  • Refactored text console. renamed commands, divided admin commands between a standard mode and an expert one (a.k.a "use at your own risks!")
  • Added [Feature request #303792] for a specific logger to record distributed request execution.
  • Added support for Savepoints (JDBC 3 feature).
  • Fixed metadata cache consistency with regard to ALTER statements.
  • Added initial implementation of dumps transfer on remote controllers for the Octopus backuper. Initial client/server interface in Backuper.
  • Checkpoints are now internal (no interface to set them in CLI), automatic (on backend disable, dump and transfer operations, on member join/leave), and global (cluster-wide atomic, set on all controllers)
  • Added dump table in the recovery log to store dump metadata and properly correlate dumps with checkpoints and backupers.
  • Refactored backup/restore interface to use a Backuper interface. This allows multiple backupers to be used for the same virtual database. Console commands for backup/restore have been modified to suit this new interface. A specific command to list available backupers has also been added.
  • Added OctopusBackuper that refactors the code for Octopus 2.8 and provides a Backuper interface for Octopus.
  • Added DerbyEmbeddedBackuper to handle embedded Derby databases backup/ restore. This backuper un/zips the Derby path found in the url.
  • Implemented recovery log management copyLogFromCheckpoint and deleteLogUpToCheckpoint.
  • Fixed bug #303748. (real bug, but no-show on current code)
  • FIXED [BUG #303752] XML generated by saveConfiguration command in the text console was not valid and could not be loaded

Thursday, 7 July 2005: C-JDBC 1.3.3 released

Many fixes for better JDBC compliance and stability. Added support for all types of CREATE commands. Code cleaning, group communication, stored procedures and load balancers fixes and improvements especially for distributed virtual databases.

  • Fixed potential deadlock in RAIDb-1 and RAIDb-2 load balancers when waitForAllCompletion policy is not set to all and incoming select queries would deadlock with depending write queries that need to complete before the select execution.
  • Fixed [BUG #303693] backends that do not support auto-generated keys now throw an appropriate exception.
  • Fixed [BUG #303734] Changed description of "quit" command in VirtualDataBase text console to be consistent with other "quit" commands in others consoles
  • Fixed [BUG #303736] renamed command ShowRecovery to showRecovery to be consistent with other command names
  • Uniformized group-comm timeouts, now all defaulting to CJDBCGroupMessage.defaultCastTimeOut (in RAIDb1 and RAIDb2 drm)
  • Fixed possible class cast exceptions and other type conversion errors in PreparedStatement.setObject(int, Object, int, int) to follow JDBC test suite requirements.
  • Fixed [BUG #303718] that would give an inaccurate error message and stack trace if the showbackend command was used with an invalid backend name in admin console.
  • Fixed backend disabling in RAIDb-1 and RAIDb-2 to synchronously wait for backend worker threads to be terminated so that backup sanity check does not fail anymore as reported by Igor Markovic.
  • Dropped Java 1.3 compatibility for Serialization protocol.
  • Added getXml command in admin module of the text console to get a virtual database configuration xml dump.
  • Refactored task distribution/completion in RAIDb-1 and RAIDb-2 with better lock usage and fixed problem on completion when all backends are late executing a specific transaction when waitForAllCompletion policy is not set to all.
  • Implemented streaming (fetchSize) for stored procedures (CallableStatement)
  • Fixed [BUG #303683] to support CREATE INDEX. Also added support for create function, create method, create procedure, create trigger, create type, create database, create schema, create view and create role. Functions that alters the schema will trigger a database schema refresh (except for CREATE TABLE that updates directly the schema).
  • Removed obsolete BackendRecoveryPolicy in Distribution element for VirtualDatabases.
  • Updated XML dump for JDBCRecoveryLog to comply to current DTD.
  • Fixed lazy transaction start problem for read stored procedures that would break the recovery log replay as reported by Dylan Hansen.
  • Fixed [BUG #303667] where backend last checkpoint was not properly reset when a backend switched to write enabled state.
  • Changed default behavior so that virtual database configuration files that are loaded from the 'load' command of the console do not try to enable their backends automatically.
  • Code cleaning with new higher checkstyle standards. Replaced interfaces that were just holding constants with final classes.
  • Fixed Driver.getPropertyInfo(String, Properties) to properly use URL information as default properties.
  • Added recovery log management functions. New text console vdb admin commands: copyLogFromCheckpoint and deleteLogUpToCheckpoint
  • Fixed misleading fetchsize error message (fetchsize really is a "setfetchsize").
  • Added showcontrollers command in console vdb admin (RFE #303676, thanxs Nick)

Wednesday, 15 June 2005: C-JDBC 1.3.2 released

Many fixes for better portability and improved performance, added support for batch updates in proxying mode, fixed transaction isolation support, JMX fixes, improved shutdown and made connections thread-safe.

  • Fixed ResultCache.removeFromPendingQueries to use the proper cache key to remove the entry. This solves an issue that a wrong query issued twice would be blocked in the cache until the timeout expires.
  • Fixed DistributedVirtualDatabase to remove backends from a dead controller so that they do no appear anymore in viewGroupBackends.
  • Fixed VirtualDatabaseMBean.viewGroupBackends in both VirtualDatabase and DistributedVirtualDatabase to properly report an ArrayList[BackendInfo].
  • Modified type of the recovery log queue in JDBCLoggerThread (replaced ArrayList by LinkedList which should be faster).
  • Added a recoveryBatchSize option to recovery log to significantly speedup the recovery process by replaying the log in batches. JDBCRecoverThread now posts as many as recoveryBatchSize requests to its BackendWorkerThread so that reading from the recovery log can occur in parallel of replaying the queries on the recovering backend.
  • Create table statement for recovery log table is now tunable to allow HypersonicSQL syntax like CREATE CACHED TABLE.
  • Added command to SQL text console to set the transaction isolation level. The command is called setisolation and takes the isolation level as defined in java.sql.Connection as a parameter.
  • Made connection thread-safe to prevent protocol break in case of wild sharing of C-JDBC connections. Note that there is nothing we can do if the client application tries to run several transactions in parallel on the same connection (setAutoCommit/commit/rollback will report an error in the end). That should never happen if the client application is properly written.
  • Fixed protocol error in connection.setTransactionIsolation().
  • Fixed 'long shutdown' symptoms (sleeping threads now exiting immediately).
  • Fixed JDBC Recovery Log to properly use long type in PreparedStatement and ResultSets when accessing recovery log table request id and transaction id. Bug reported by Matt Magoffin.
  • Added support for PreparedStatement batch updates in proxying mode.
  • Fixed backend state diagnostic at startup when recovering from a crash. The controller no more reports an enabled state for backends and forces unconsistent backends to the disabled state. Bug reported by Junho Wang.
  • Fixed group communication shutdown in distributed virtual database that could cause the multicast request adapter to use 100% cpu after controller shutdown. Bug reported by Junho Wang.

Monday, 6 June 2005 : C-JDBC 1.3.1 released

Mainly bug fixes including console command completion enhancements, added support for user-defined transaction isolation and query result cache security issue fixed.

  • Fixed [BUG #303602] where wrong error messages where sent to the client application in case of authentication error.
  • Fixed JDBCRecoveryLog to support MS SQL Server "feature" ( where tables containing blobs must have their columns read in order. Fix provided by Charles Cordingley.
  • Fixed result cache security issue that would allow one user to retrieve results that another user would have cached regardless of its access rights granted on the database. The cache entries now also include the user login in the cache entry key.
  • Removed useless CacheEntry interface and integrated constants in ResultCacheEntry that has been renamed AbstractResultCacheEntry since this class is abstract.
  • Added support for proper transaction isolation support if the default isolation level is overriden by the user by the mean of Connection.setTransactionIsolation(int level). Note that the driver will report TRANSACTION_READ_UNCOMMITTED by default when getTransactionIsolation is called. If the underlying does not provide TRANSACTION_READ_UNCOMMITTED by default, one must call setTransactionIsolation(TRANSACTION_READ_UNCOMMITTED) to enforce the usage of this transaction isolation level.
  • Fixed Tribe version number in README for binary version.
  • Fixed PreparedStatement parsing bug (null markers)
  • Made the -f <file> option working in text console (non interactive mode)
  • Added -n (--nocolor) option to allow to disable colors in non interactive mode for supported system (non windows).
  • Upgraded jline to 0.9.1 and added filename completion in text console

Monday, 30 May 2005 : C-JDBC 1.3 released

Major update for controller replication with many reliability fixes and upgraded group communication. New features added to the driver for dynamic controller connection policies and debug mode. Backends recovery and transfer has also been fixes and improved.

  • Fixed potential out of order execution of distributed queries that could theoritically have been posted in different orders at each controller.
  • Added support for type in PreparedStatements and ResultSets.
  • Fixed backend transfer command to properly atomically set a checkpoint for the transfered backends so that it can be re-enabled on the receiving node. Note that transfer backend can only work if a recovery log is used.
  • C-JDBC driver now has URL options to turn debug mode on and set connection pooling off. Updated the user guide with this information.
  • Fixed recovery from checkpoint to prevent forking multiple backend worker threads where only one is needed.
  • Fixed controller shutdown to properly terminate recovery log and result cache threads so that the JVM can fully terminate on shutdown.
  • Driver-controller protocol is now fully javadoc-umented in
  • Fixed bug in common/util/ that prevents macros to be properly replaced (was not working when a query contained several times the macro).
  • Optimized recovery log to lazily store begin orders and not store at all read-only transactions.
  • Fixed [BUG #301218] where a backend that was disabled with a checkpoint just after after the commit of a transaction and before the execution of the first query in the subsequent transaction would not recovery properly the first transaction of the recovery log.
  • Fixed setAutoCommit now throws the appropriate exception
  • Text console enable/disable commands now only work with checkpoints. Two new commands called forceEnable and forceDisable have been added to allow backend enabling/disabling when no recovery log is used mainly.
  • Fixed request player stats to be case insensitive with regard to log file content.
  • Fixed synchronisation bug when enabling backend from a checkpoint that would return before the backend is fully recovered. This would also imply reported by Hung Nguyen of a null schema disturbing the virtual database behavior.
  • Fixed controller identifier assignation to properly assign a unique identifier to every controller even when they are joining at the same time.
  • Upgraded to Tribe v0.3 that fixes an issue of replicated controllers that would only start in debug mode.
  • Added C-JDBC driver URL option for debugging options of controller internals: jdbc:cjdbc://host/db?debugLevel=debug. Other values are info (just reports controller failures) and off (default). All debug output is redirected to standard output.
  • Fixed case sensitivity problem in DELETE request parsing as suggested by
  • Controller hostname in C-JDBC URLs can now include '_' characters.
  • Virtual database name now supports '-' and '_' characters.
  • Fixed [BUG #303558]: controllers without active backends would not update their recovery log. Therefore starting to bring nodes back to the enabled state would fail to restore a consistent state.
  • Recovery log now resists to connection failures with the recovery database and transparently reconnects when the recovery database becomes available again.
  • Fixed possible race condition on transaction rollback logging if logger thread was late in logging the last request of the rollbacked transaction.
  • Fixed bug in controller IP address resolution that was not properly automatically resolved when "" was specified in controller.xml.
  • Added C-JDBC driver URL options to specify a policy to choose the controller to connect to. The new options are the following:
    • preferredController: defines the strategy to use to choose a preferred controller to connect to
      • jdbc:cjdbc://node1,node2,node3/myDB?preferredController=ordered Always connect to node1, and if not available then try to node2 and finally if none are available try node3.
      • jdbc:cjdbc://node1,node2,node3/myDB?preferredController=random Pickup a controller node randomly (default strategy)
      • jdbc:cjdbc://node1,node2:25343,node3/myDB?preferredController=node2:25343,node3 Round-robin between node2 and node3, fallback to node1 if none of node2 and node3 is available.
      • jdbc:cjdbc://node1,node2,node3/myDB?preferredController=roundRobin Round robin starting with first node in URL.
    • retryIntervalInMs: once a controller has died, the driver will try to reconnect to this controller every retryIntervalInMs to see if the backend is back online. The default is 5000 (5 seconds).
  • Fixed request parsing with tab for separating keywords as reported by Benoit Hannebicq.
  • Added support for Statement.get/setFetchDirection.
  • Fixed MetaData fetching for JDK 1.3 only drivers. Fix contributed by Wolfgang Koppenberger.
  • Added JGroups TCP configuration file example contributed by Sebastien Diaz.
  • Fixed [BUG #303423] where parsing could fail if the database schema was concurrently modified by a write query that concurrently modifies the schema (usually a DROP statement).

Monday, 11 April 2005 : C-JDBC 1.2.1 released

Bug fix release including better dump and checkpoint management for backup/restore and enable/disable operations. Shutdown implementations have been refactored and renamed to better reflect their behavior. JMX management interfaces of controller and virtual databases have been cleaned.

  • User guide and tutorial have been udpated.
  • Fixed JMX notifications to properly report the virtual database name.
  • Fixed confusion between checkpoint names and dump names in text console.
  • Database dumps are now managed on a per virtual database basis and not controller wide. Specific commands viewDumpNames and RemoveDumpFile have been added to the text console in the virtual database admin module.
  • Controller and Virtual database MBean interfaces have been cleaned by removing unnecessary or duplicate methods and misplaced management functions.
  • Shutdown command modes have been renamed and refactored as follows:
    • wait mode: (previously smart mode) wait for all clients to disconnect before shutting down the controller or the virtual database. This will not work if the client is using a connection pool with persistent connections.
    • safe mode: (previously fast mode) wait for all currently open transactions to complete before shutting down the controller or the virtual database. This is now the default mode.
    • force mode: (previously immediate) disable all backends and exits the controller without leaving backends in a coherent state. A full recovery of all backends will be needed on restart. This is no more the default mode for shutdown.
  • EnableAll command from the console does not force all backends to be enabled but enable backends from their last known state.
  • Updated VirtualDatabase element attributes in c-jdbc-controller.dtd as follows:
    • Before:
    • configFile CDATA #REQUIRED
    • virtualName CDATA #REQUIRED
    • autoEnableBackends (true | false | force) "true"
    • checkPointName CDATA ""
    • Now:
    • configFile CDATA #REQUIRED
    • virtualDatabaseName CDATA #REQUIRED
    • autoEnableBackends (true | false | force) "true"
    • checkpointName CDATA ""
  • Examples in config/controller for demos have been updated accordingly.
  • Fixed distributed query execution if owning statement was not serializable such as HSQL CallableStatement. Problem reported by Dylan Hansen.
  • Driver metadata now properly reports values for metadata functions that takes a primitive type as a parameter. This fixes the issue reported by Matt Sheppard.
  • Fixed setCheckpoint on a backend to accurately report if the checkpoint name is invalid.
  • Fixed backend name storage in recovery log metadata that was storing the whole BackendRecoveryInfo instead of the backend name only.
  • Fixed possible leaks in recovery log and cleaned the JDBCRecoveryLog for better portability.
  • Fixed typo where "force" attribute value was not correctly spelled for controller autoEnabledBackends feature.
  • Fixed NPE in DistributedVirtualDatabase if an EnableBackend message arrives for an unknown controller. Bug reported by Allesandro Gamboz.
  • Trying to gather metadata on a controller with no enabled backends now reports an explicit error message instead of a NullPointerException.

Wednesday, 30 March 2005 : C-JDBC 1.2 released

Added support for Updatable ResultSets, pass-through schedulers for all RAIDb levels, complete DatabaseMetaData refactoring, code cleaning and bug fixes.

  • Fixed bug with CreateTable policies for RAIDb-2 where tables are created on all backends ignoring the defined policy. Problem reported by Grzegorz Lojek
  • Fixed IndexOutOfBoundsException when using Random or RoundRobin CreateTable policies with RAIDb-2. This exception could be thrown for a policy with multiple replicas when selecting the nodes from the list of possible backends for a new table. Bug reported by Grzegorz Lojek.
  • Fixed checkpoint assignment for backup/restore operations when backends are in the disabled state.
  • Fixed Backup/Restore problem with Octopus if the default directory was not used. Problem reported and fixed by Jerome Benois.
  • Fixed lock release bug on write query execution if no more backends are available on a controller (distributed or not). Bug reported in distributed mode by Alessandro Gamboz.
  • Fixed remote SELECT request execution with replicated controllers when the controller receiving the request has no backend available.
  • Updated user guide and added a C-JDBC replication user guide available in the documentation section of the web site.
  • Added support for updatable ResultSets.
  • Updated c-jdbc-controller.dtd to follow naming conventions and changed the default behavior of autoEnableBackends. The previous 'restore' option remains the default but is now called 'true'. What was 'true' before is now called 'force'. This is to discourage the usage of backends without checkpoints and let the recovery log manage the backend states and checkpoints automatically and properly. (checkPoint => checkPointName, Ipaddress => IpAddress, Iprange => IpRange)
  • Enhanced checking of invalid checkpoint names in setCheckpoint and enable backend commands. Problem reported by Willem Cazander.
  • Fixed [BUG #303282] that was not properly parsing create queries using a select statement such as CREATE TABLE foo AS SELECT ...
  • Fixed [BUG #303186] where parsing failed when trying to insert data into a column with a name ending by 'values'.
  • Fixed [BUG #303263] so that now the value 'null' can be inserted as a String when driverProcessed=false.
  • Renamed SingleDB and RAIDb-0 query level schedulers to 'passThrough' schedulers. This reflects more the behavior of these schedulers and the DTD, examples and documentation has been updated accordingly.
  • Added RAIDb-1 and RAIDb-2 pass-through schedulers similar as the SingleDB and RAIDb-0 ones. All these schedulers provide database level locking which usually will translate to row-level locking.
  • Removed unused and unimplemented optimistic transaction scheduler for SingleDB in DTD and documentation.
  • Added SuSE start/stop script contributed by Tee Teoh on the mailing list.
  • Improved developer guide with contribution from Steen Jansdal on setting up Eclipse to debug C-JDBC.
  • Extended DatabaseMetadata support and compatibility among backends. DatabaseMetadata calls are now forwarded to the controller to reflect the effective supported features by the underlying database engines.
  • Fixed [BUG #303205] where isql.bat would not properly handle slash and backslash resulting in an error when starting iSQL.
  • Added zipped base64 encoding to the possible choice of blob encoding
  • Fixed [BUG #303246] use HexaBlobFilter to encode ByteArray with driverProcessed=false.
  • Fixed [BUG #303204] so that DELETE request parsing support requests of the form DELETE t1 FROM t1,t2 ... . Note that deletes from multiple tables such as DELETE t1,t2 FROM t1,t2 WHERE ... are not supported.
  • Configuration option "schemaName" added to DatabaseSchema.
  • Fixed [BUG #303180] where SimpleRewritingRule and ReplaceAllRewriting would not handle properly non case sensitive matching. Thanks to Daniel for the bug report and the fix.
  • Fixed org.objectweb.cjdbc.driver.DatabaseMetaData#storesLowerCaseQuotedIdentifiers() to return the database case for identifiers. Bug reported by Patrick Wunderlich.
  • Fixed org.objectweb.cjdbc.driver.DatabaseMetaData#getTables() to return an empty ResultSet instead of null for JBoss compatibility as reported by Patrick Wunderlich.

Tuesday, 8 February 2005 : C-JDBC 1.1 released

Major controller replication refactoring using the new Tribe group communication library, enhancements to caching, improved management consoles and features, many fixes especially syncrhonization issues under high loads, many components upgraded (Hsqldb, JMX, ...) and documentation updates.

  • Integration of Tribe ( as the new group communication layer for controller replication. The current version still has a wrapper on JGroups for low level total ordering but JGroups will be completely dropped in the next release.
  • Eager result cache now supports timeout on entries as a complement to the LRY replacement policy to ease cache tuning and prevent out of memory errors.
  • Fixed [BUG #301246] on missing mappings in Octopus MySQL configuration file. Contributed by Enrique Garcia-Mantilla.
  • Fixed [BUG #301203] Hibernate/PostgreSQL 8.0 bytea serialization not properly escaped. Fixed contributed by Lincan Silvan Eugen.
  • Fixed [BUG #301072] that would deadlock controller replication on conflicting transactions. This issue has been solved by the new group communication adapters provided by Tribe.
  • Upgraded to hsqldb 1.8.0rc7
  • Fixed possible race on stored procedure returning a ResultSet and performing a write with RAIDb-1 and RAIDb-2 configuraiton. Problem reported by Junaili Lie.
  • Changed IzPack version to 3.7.0
  • Added swing wizard to create and edit virtual database configuration files
  • Fixed [BUG #301172] Blob deserialization on driver side through getObject(int). Thanks to the anonymous contributor.
  • Integration of iSQL with automated services.
  • Added german translations of the tutorials by Helge Stahlmann.
  • Fixed request/commit/rollback synchronization that could race against the currently executing task. Affects all RAIDb level with any waitForAllCompletion policy in write heavy transactional workloads.
  • Added mail appender examples and libraries to the log4j system
  • Fixed race in connection allocation for concurrent requests from the same transaction. Bug reported by Steve Lounsbury.
  • Added pending requests retrieving methods in DatabaseBackendMBean
  • Added JMX MBean Graphic management to the GUI.
  • Added new mbeans to better expose the CJBDC interface to the user
  • Transformed loadbalancer to be JMX mbeans
  • Recovery log is now a JMX mbean
  • properly escape tagmarker for driverProcessed=false
  • Added support for statements starting with opening parenthesis as requested by Junaili Lie.
  • Fixed Statement leak in request execution if the underlying driver does not properly release resources at garbage collection time.
  • executeBatch now returns empty array of Integer (Bernard van Zuylen) if the batch is empty.
  • Fixed two bugs with stored procedures and driver proxy (Pucky Loucks).
  • Fixed schema updates on create/drop while no parsing was necessary in the virtual database configuration. Bug reported by Jens Leister.
  • Added contributions from Stephane Ducas and Lou Kamenov to use C-JDBC as a service under Linux.
  • Added cache for jmx notification, so that the same notification would not be processed twice. This is based on the notification sequence number.
  • Fixed NPE in gui while controller connection is lost. Also, add auto reconnect to the jmx server when possible.
  • Added support for multi-threaded recovery (from recovery log)
  • Changed checkpoint name default length in c-jdbc.dtd to handle checkpoint with names larger than 20 characters (which is what happens with console generated checkpoint names). New varchar length is 512.
  • Added support for Derby database by fetching schemas in a transaction instead of autocommit mode. Also made recovery log sql column name configurable since SQL is a reserved keyword in Derby.
  • Fixed bad pool size during re-initialization.
  • Restore backend icon in proper column in GUI.
  • Added unset checkpoint remote jmx command to console
  • Check JDBC connectivity from GUI and from Backend MBean
  • Added monitoring frames for controller only and vdb only
  • Fixed deadlock due to missing notification if currently execution query was not in a transaction.
  • Added command to see and retrieve the schema of a database backend through the administration console; output to standard output of file.
  • Fixed report generation problems.
  • Upgraded to JMX version 2.1.0
  • Removed unused jar files for smaller footprint, and updated script files.
  • External octopus configuration files (not in the jar file anymore)
  • Made octopus work with latest hsqldb release
  • Fixed RAIDb-0 commit/rollback of empty or read-only transactions with only cache hits that would deadlock the commit/rollback task. Fix backported from RAIDb-2. Bug reported by Ganesh (ssriganesha at
  • Fixed controller file manipulation driven from the console that was not properly decoding the URLs.
  • Added PoweredBy logos/images by Laurence Boissieux.
  • Fixed hqsldb startup script when called without parameters to properly start in its own directory (assuming 9001 as the default port).
  • Optimized RAIDb-1 and RAIDb-2 pessimistic schedulers for empty and read-only transactions.
  • Fixed request/commit/rollback timeout handling to ensure consistent behavior across backends. If timeout expires before any single node starts executing the query then the query is ignored and an exception reporting the timeout is thrown. If one backend has started the execution all other backends must execute it to be consistent. Bug reported by Steve Lounsbury.
  • Fixed database backend disabling on failure (backend unreachable) when executing read requests with all load balancers.
  • Added a lightweight abort for connections closed after a commit/rollback.
  • Fixed distributed write query execution failure that might not always properly notify the scheduler. Added sanity RuntimeExceptions for non- distributed case.
  • Fixed metadatacache to properly handle tables with same field names of different type. Bug reported by Roland Rauch.
  • Fixed metadatacache to use feature of caching of all fields of a request.
  • Checkpoint name is automatically generated in the gui when dragging on disabled.
  • Added JLine library for the text console as proposed by Tee Teoh
  • Join shutdown threads on shutdown to prevent from missing data in the recovery log.
  • Fixed Octopus loader job file generation to work for both Linux and Windows.
  • Fix re-using of connection on the driver side.
  • Fix not-working backend choosing algorithm in RAIDb2 for write queries.
  • Does not ask for checkpoint in gui when lastknown checkpoint is known.
  • Fix threading bug when restoring backend from the gui.
  • Added setCheckpoint command on a backend into the gui.
  • Fix in RAIDb-0 backend choice that was leading to last backend to execute query if no backend was found.
  • Fixed database schema representation for RAIDb-0 and RAIDb-2 controllers.
  • Fixed possible NPE in database schema compatibility check. Bug noticed by Brandon Rogers with RAIDb-2 configurations.

Tuesday, 12 October 2004 : C-JDBC 1.0.4 released

Minor fixes for better robustness.

  • Fixed connection test for postgres within transaction
  • Fixed RecoveryLog bug when storing XML data in update queries. Bug reported by Thomas Debray.
  • Fix GUI misbehavior when closing the checkpoint window after a drag operation.
  • Fix dead-lock when parsing failed after the query was scheduled.
  • Convert values in ResultSet.getXXX methods
  • Accept username and password in connection url
  • Added contribution on get/setCharacterStream from Jeremy Philippe for Hibernate support.
  • Fix problem in Connection that was garbage-collected after a reconnect.
  • Temporarily removed sending group message when enabling a backend.
  • Added transfer backend command to the text console

Thursday, 09 September 2004 : C-JDBC 1.0.3 released

enhancements, encoding, memory, backend recovery, and gui.

  • Fixed UTF encoding/decoding from driver to controller. Using writeUnshared.
  • Added backend state persistence in the recovery log
  • Fixed memory leaks problems from the driver. writeUnshared misbehavior! Noted by Marc
  • Added writeEnabled option to backends in dtd
  • Added restore option from the controller to put back backends in the state they were when shutting the database down.
  • Fix NPE for moving backend on the gui. BackendState was refactored in 1.0.2 and one value was missing from the console.
  • Added scrolling frame for exception in the gui, as asked by tom

Thursday, 02 September 2004 : C-JDBC 1.0.2 released

Improved code reliability and robustness (cache,recovery). Added prepared statements proxying for improved portability.

  • Fixed read queries failover in horizontal configurations where a controller has no backend enabled.
  • Path fix for default configuration file of the controller under windows.
  • Fixed recovery threading problem with wrong index.
  • Fixed possible starvation on backend failure when tasks were added while disabling a backend. BackendWorkerThread termination has also been fixed in case of failure inside a transaction.
  • Improved backend disabling to prevent blocking all backends while waiting for all open transactions to complete.
  • Fixed synchronization problem in enableBackendFromCheckpoint (in RequestManager) noticed by Diego Malpica.
  • Added contribution from Diego Malpica to properly convert database native Blob/Clob into C-JDBC serializable Blob/Clob.
  • Added support for read stored procedure broadcast with horizontal scalability.
  • Added support for '}call' syntax in CallableStatement to allow the execution of write stored procedure when using the execute() method.
  • Fix recovery notification failure and prevent backend from being enabled if a recovery task has failed.
  • Added contribution from Jaco Swart to forward PreparedStatement calls to the controller to be interpreted by database native drivers instead of the C-JDBC driver. This resolves portability issues with some data types.
  • Fixed invalidation of cache, when table is invalidated with column or finer granularities.
  • Fixed case sensitive parsing of select and delete requests in column unique granularity.
  • Fixed cleaning of transaction markers in the recovery log.
  • Fixed write stored procedure execution in case of horizontal scalability. Bug reported by Brandon Rogers.
  • Added option to disable system table and view gathering when fetching the schema of a backend (see feature request #300734).
  • Fixed bug in SELECT request parsing that did not handle correctly the case sensitiveness.
  • Fixed ResultSet comparison bug in regression test suite.
  • Added regression tests for result cache.
  • Changed object serialization to use the unshared version of object streams to prevent memory leaks and manual reset of streams.
  • Fixed IzPack binary install to use new script file names.

Tuesday, 17 August 2004 : C-JDBC 1.0.1 released

Many bug fixes, mainly on the cache and the recovery log. Added support for alter statements.

  • Updated Delete statement parsing to support DELETE [TABLENAME] ... used by Oracle
  • Connection commit/rollback now throws an exception if the connection is in autocommit mode (as mentioned in JDK 1.4 Javadoc). Thanks to Vincent ( for reporting this.
  • Fixed missing cache invalidation on transaction rollback as noticed by
  • Updated documentation with comments on stored procedure and load balancers with horizontal scalability (replicated controllers), ResultSet streaming limitations, and default cache settings.
  • Fixed setEscapeProcessing problem on JDBCRecoveryLog when used with Oracle that does not allow calling this method on PreparedStatements. Problem reported by
  • New 'Dump added' jmx notification. Handled by the GUI.
  • Translations for monitoring module
  • Modified raidb1 script file. recovery log is on a different backend
  • Fixed [BUG #300571]: ReportManager cast exception reported by Ben.
  • Fixed [BUG #300716]: SimpleConnectionManager was not using the appropriate DriverManager to load driver classes.
  • Changed logo to petstar pollux.
  • Upgraded IzPack installer to 3.6.0
  • Fixed [BUG #300532]: JDBCRecoveryLog used its own login instead of the querylogin to log begin/commit/rollback statements (queries were properly logged). Fixed cleaning of transaction markers that could induce the deadlock noticed in the bug report.
  • RuntimeException is now thrown when incompatible version of driver and controller are used to prevent driver hang as noticed by Marc Wick.
  • Fixed wrong behavior when calling setAutoCommit(true) in the middle of a transaction when no further queries where issued.
  • Fixed bug in execWriteRequest with keys for RAIDb-1. Bug found and fixed by Jeremy Philippe.
  • Added Recovery Log viewer
  • Fixed transaction exclusive lock (used in pessimistic schedulers) to properly isolate queries in autocommit mode.
  • Added basic support for alter statements
  • Added xmlvalidator script file on the command line, for quick xml and dtd validation.

Wednesday, 4 August 2004: C-JDBC 1.0 released

Improved reliability of horizontal scalability, fixed more bugs, refactored JMX and administration console receives a new graphical interface.

  • Work on japanization of the GUI
  • Added class BackendInfo to share backend configuration between DistributedVirtualDatabase
  • Backends are now jmx mbeans that are registered in the mbean server
  • Backend list is updated on multiple GUIs
  • Better jmx notification handling in the gui (reporting also improved)
  • Add/Remove backend with list updated
  • Added checkpoint selection in GUI
  • Added transfer of backends from the GUI
  • Added new version of JMX to the GUI
  • Added patch for JGroups TOTAL ordering deadlock provided by JGroups team.
  • Fixed potential deadlock in RAIDb1 and RAIDb2 query level schedulers.Problem reported by Ivan Ielin.
  • Removed unnecessary create/drop statement parsing with RAIDb1 load balancers. Bug reported by Jeremy Philippe.
  • Fixed scheduler schemas to be case insensitive to prevent problems when a table is created with a case that is different that the one used for subsequent queries on that table. Problem reported with optimistic schedulers by JB van Zuylen.
  • Fixed [BUG #300588]: ResultSet metadata fetching was done after the connection was released to the pool which was inconsistent. The load balancer have been refactored to appropriately fetch the metadata as needed before releasing the connection to the pool.
  • Fixed [BUG #300604]: max rows and fetch size were no more correctly propagated by the request serialization code.
  • Fixed [BUG #300595] in regular expression that would cause Octopus Loader Job to fail on a 'file not found'.
  • Fixed ControllerReport to work with any kind of FileAppender and to ignore any other form of appenders without failing.
  • Fixed JDBC Recovery Log case mismatch warning (has no effect except displaying an inaccurate message). Thanks to Benjamin Hart.
  • Fixed bug in lazy transaction begin with horizontal scalability that could induce a deadlock.
  • Upgrade to Octopus 2.8.
  • Fixed bug in JGroups membership management that prevented controllers to see themselves in the group as reported by Ivan Ielin.
  • Added support for distributed stored procedure execution with horizontal scalability.
  • Fixed line separator stripping problem when driver and controller have different properties. Problem reported by James Morton.
  • Fixed Statement.execute() and Statement.executeQuery() to properly detect statements if they are followed by a carriage return instead of a space. Bug reported by James Morton.
  • SingleDB is no more allowed in distributed virtual database configurations, RAIDb1 should be used instead.

Wednesday, 23 June 2004: C-JDBC 1.0rcf released

Improved reliability of horizontal scalability, general speed and performance, code robustness, targeting industrial use.

  • ControllerName is properly dispatched in the group to all.
  • Added some parameters to the driver to use on preparedstatement. This included: booleanTrue, booleanFalse, EscapeChar, EscapeBackslash, EscapeSingleQuote.
  • Change handling of Macros. Defined a new MacrosHandler configured via the dtd instead of using static methods.
  • Send BlobFilter description instead of BlobFilter object
  • Refactored writeUTF method, to send bytes anytime. This is what the java code is doing for long object anyway.
  • Refactored way of sending request between the driver and the controller: instead of sending the object we only send the information we need.
  • Fix task notification again, as setAutoCommit could throw an exception that we did not catch.
  • Fix of shutdown for normal and distributed virtual database.
  • Fix to not try to rollback a transaction if no query was executed in this transaction (helpful when closing a transaction after commit/rollback).
  • Fixed commit/rollback completion for distributed virtual databases using RAIDb-1 and RAIDb-2.
  • Fixed task notification if a node becomes unreachable when wait for completion policy is set to all. In this case, a deadlock could happen as noticed by Stephane Ducas.
  • Fixed distributed virtual database configuration compatibility checking.
  • Fixed transaction lazy begin with distributed virtual databases as reported by Stephane Ducas.
  • Added support for subselects in SELECT requests parsing according to discussions on the mailing list.
  • Added data frames to the gui (SQLStats, CacheStats, Cache content)
  • Added new icons from Laurence Boissieux to the administration console gui.
  • Added replicate command from the gui console
  • Added monitoring console to the gui
  • Added native and replicate commands to text console
  • Refactored text console completely to use jmx proxy.
  • Removed swing console with text commands.
  • Adding a backend now reports if some connection managers are missing for all defined virtual logins.
  • Added sanity checks in tasks in case a connection manager associated to a virtual login is missing (was throwing NPE).
  • Updated configuration files to new DTD.
  • Updated xml files and dtd JUNIT testing
  • Changed c-jdbc.dtd. Allow multiple admin users. The real login is now defined in the corresponding connection manager and not in the authorization manager anymore.
  • Fixed race in VariablePoolConnectionManager and fixed corresponding JUnit test.
  • Fixed bug in driver, that would prevent the driver manager to work properly while sending a SQLException while the url was meant for another driver.
  • Octopus new integration.
  • Added ReplaceAllRewritingRule to replace all characters in a string
  • Fixed [BUG #300273]: raidb1.bat and hsqldb.bat were not correct in the zip file distribution.
  • Fixed [BUG #300298]: JDBCRecoveryLog tables are no more exported in the virtual database schema to prevent caching of these tables and misusage of these tables from the client side. It is still possible to enforce a static schema if one wants to access these tables.
  • Automatic state recovery when connection breaks between driver and controller even in a middle of a transaction.
  • Fixed connection cleanup in driver automatic reconnection to prevent controller from keeping dead connections opened.
  • ssl support for cjdbc-driver.
  • Added support for Microsoft JDBC drivers in Octopus backup/restore. Patch submitted by Benjamin Yu.
  • PreparedStatement.setObject(...) now supports BINARY, VARBINARY, LONGVARBINARY, BIT, DATALINK (not implemented), JAVA_OBJECT and OTHER according to "Table 3-B: Mapping JDBC Types to Java Object Types" from Appendix B of JDBC specification. BOOLEAN handling is also separated from Number handling. Patch by Paul Ferraro.
  • ResultSet.getObject() now decodes Blob using the BlobFilter used for encoding. Fix provided by Paul Ferraro.
  • Jmx with rmi over ssl implemented, with java 1.3 installation of of jsse is required
  • Using jaas for authentication of jmx connections with rmi. Jaas has become part of j2se with java 1.4, for java 1.3 you will have to download it from and put it in the jre/lib/ext directory .The RmiJmxAdaptor Element in the controller config has two new optional attributes username and password and the console takes the arguments username and secret (password). Username and password are used to build a credentials Object for connections with jmx.
  • Bug fixes for Octopus (rick labanca).
  • MX4J ported to 2.0.1 (jsr 160).
  • Upgrade IzPack to 3.5.3 version.

Monday, 26 April 2004: C-JDBC 1.0rc6 released

C-JDBC 1.0rc6 includes ResultSet streaming, a new classloader mechanism for driver loading, Octopus 2.7.1 integration, a new caching system (parsing cache, metadata cache and result cache), view support, new Blob filter and many other fixes.

  • Upgraded to Octopus 2.7.1.
  • Fixed autocommit reset problem as noticed by Marc Wick.
  • Fixed problem under Windows when C-JDBC is installed in a path containing a space like 'Program Files'.
  • Added support for fetching database views in the schema as needed for DB2. Thanks to Hugo Pragt for the help.
  • Fixed Connection.close() problem noticed by Jeff Kolesky. If close() is called multiple times on an already closed connection, the behavior was not compliant to the specification. Thanks to Jeff for the fixes.
  • Fixed [BUG #300229]: Statement.executeBatch() was starting a new transaction instead of executing inside the current context like described in the JDBC specification. Also batch was not cleared properly after execution. Bug report and patch by Paulo Ferraro.
  • Added support for ResultSet streaming with variable fetch sizes. This allows very large ResultSets to be fetched by blocks without getting out of memory.
  • Added hsqldb driver in Squirrel classpath for demo to work out of the box.
  • RequestManager now displays the parsing granularity it uses when it is created.
  • Added NoneBlobFilter from Paul Ferraro. Updated c-jdbc.dtd VirtualDatabase element as follows: blobEncodingMethod (none | hexa) "none". Also fixed VirtualDatabase xml conversion to report the blob encoding method.
  • Added compatibility checking between driver and controller to prevent errors due to older driver used with newer controller.
  • Optimized connection establishment and removed controller classes from driver jar for a complete separation between driver and controller.
  • Splited ResultSet in driver side ResultSet (without controller class dependencies) and ControllerResultSet for optimized serialization and storage on the controller side.
  • Fixed squirrel startup script to prevent log4j errors due to classpath settings.
  • Fixed a bug which caused all schemas containing procedures to fail at merging.
  • Changed language message files to use {0},{1},... as parameter place holders instead of ? for easier translation. Technique suggested by Marc Wick.
  • Updated user documentation to remove controller name from controller configuration file to reflect current DTD.
  • Changed PreparedStatement.setBoolean() to use '0' and '1' instead of 't' and 'f' which were not compatible with hsqldb as reported by Marc Wick.
  • Re-organized RequestCache with 3 different caches: MetadataCache, ParsingCache and ResultCache (former QueryCache). This affects both the c-jdbc.dtd file and the source tree where all former querycache code has moved into ...controller.cache.result and the 2 other caches are found under controller.cache.parsing and controller.cache.metadata.
  • Fixed xml parsing according to new DTD format and updated examples accordingly.
  • Added metadata cache to improve C-JDBC ResultSet generation both in term of cpu and memory usage.
  • Renamed QueryCache to ResultCache in both DTD and code base.
  • Added ParsingCache in the DTD in the RequestCache section. Moved backgroundParsing element from RequestManager to ParsingCache.
  • Introduced ParsingCache tuning with a limited number of entries to prevent memory exhaustion on long-lived systems. Several fixes to the ParsingCache have also been performed.

Tuesday, 8 April 2004: C-JDBC 1.0rc5 released

This release candidate 5 includes a major serialization refactoring for improved performance, better transaction support, new automated script generation for Windows and Unix, enhanced internationalization, reorganized examples, and several other fixes and improvements concerning query cache and database support.

  • Improved statistics in request player with details for getting and closing connections as well as timing for begin/commit/rollback.
  • Fixed DELETE query parsing to support the following syntax: DELETE t1,t2,... FROM t1,t2,... WHERE ... as reported by
  • New automated script generation for Windows and Unix.
  • Fixed for PreparedStatement to be independent of default Locale setting and support WebObjects timestamps (with the help of Fabian Peters).
  • Improved streaming and request serialization for better network bandwidth and better reponse times.
  • Fixed transaction id handling and commit completion flush with new serialization.
  • Fixed support for changing from transaction back to autocommit.
  • Memory leak fixed on query cache entries invalidation.
  • Query cache LRU fixes from Gokul Soundararajan, University of Toronto.
  • Enhanced internationalization of messages (translators are needed).
  • Re-organized docs/examples with subdirectories and new examples.
  • Fixed JGroups configuration for JGroups 2.2.1.
  • Fixed [BUG #300175]: Enhanced error message on JDBC Recovery Log creation failure.
  • DatabaseMetaData.getDatabaseProductName now returns a comma separated list of database engine product names prefixed by C-JDBC as discussed with Ron Cemer.
  • PreparedStatement parsing now ignores quotes around parameter markers (?) as suggested by Ron Cemer.
  • All Jmx calls now throw a MBeanException from which we can access the original exception tha was thrown on the server.
  • Fixed bug on ControllerParser where the octopus settings were not correct.

Tuesday, 16 March 2004: C-JDBC 1.0rc4 released

This release candidate 4 includes several bug fixes related to metadata, JDBC compliance, allowed C-JDBC urls. A new version of JGroups and a new administration console prototype have been included.

  • Added new prototyped gui console with drag and drops of configuration files and backend states.
  • Generated log files and controller reports by default in CJDBC_HOME/log directory.
  • Integrated bug fix from Jeff Kolesky for macro processing in RequestManager when timestampResolution is set to 0.
  • Fixed bug reported by Jeffrey Kolesky about DatabaseMetaData procedure column missing a type. And the order of columns beeing wrong for the procedure column description.
  • Renamed autoclean attribute of Backup element to clean in c-jdbc-controller.dtd (to match parsing).
  • Fixed usage of default controller.xml configuration file that was no more detected after its move in config/controller. Also fixed autoclean attribute in Backup that has been renamed to clean.
  • Changed name of controller to be uniquely identified by its ip address and port.
  • Fixed non-acceptable character '-' in hostname. Added to urls tests.
  • Fix bug #300149,#300148. Ip address is now found and used as defined in xml file and/or command line. Command line still has the priority of definition.
  • Changed default ip address of the controller to
  • Commit/Rollback now automatically starts a new transaction (implicit begin) as specified in the JDBC 1.2 specification. Bug reported by Xiaoting Ye.
  • Recovery log table names check is now case insensitive (a warning is just issued if the case of the configuration file does not match the case of the database).
  • Distributed begin/commit/rollback is optimized to be only multicasted for write transactions (read-only transactions execute locally without any multicast message). This only applies to multiple controller configurations using horizontal scalability.
  • Upgraded to JGroups 2.2.1.
  • Changed request id and transaction id to long instead of int. Recovery log now uses BIGINT to store these ids.
  • Added getCatalog and getCatalogs support into the driver

Friday, 27 February 2004: C-JDBC 1.0rc3 released

This release candidate 3 includes several bug fixes related to failover, a new ParallelDB load balancer, Octopus 2.6.2 integration and updated documentation.

  • Upgraded to Octopus 2.6.2.
  • Updated documentation with Hibernate example, ParallelDB load balancer description and fixed C-JDBC out of the box that does not start Squirrel automatically anymore.
  • Improved driver failover with multiple controllers and improved automatic reconnection feature in driver as well.
  • Fixed and unified scheduler transaction identifier initialization from recovery log to prevent log inconsistencies. Thanks to Jeffrey Kolesky.
  • Fixed some console commands as suggested by Morgan Hankins <>
  • Added framework for RegressionTesting with configurable scenario.
  • Feature request [#300112]: Added ParallelDB load balancer for parallel databases such as Oracle Parallel Server or Middle-R. Available load balancers are RoundRobin (RR) and LeastPendingRequestFirst (LPRF). This new load balancers have been added as sub-elements of the LoadBalancer element in c-jdbc.dtd.
  • Fixed bug in connection release in case of a read request failure in a transaction context as suggested by Jeffrey Kolesky.
  • Removed old monitoring console.
  • Fixed bug reported by Jeffrey Kolesky when a backend was left with task to execute while backing up.
  • Fixed failover on read request reported by Jeffrey Kolesky.
  • Updated to latest version of Doxygen 1.3.6 in ant build
  • Fixed substring of request as reported by Jeff Kolesky <>.

Friday, 20 February 2004: C-JDBC 1.0rc2 released

This release candidate 2 includes an updated installer, an enhanced console with monitoring features, bug fixes and improvements (mainly query cache and LPRF load balancers).

  • Minor documentation and code updates for SAP DB.
  • Slightly updated developer guide with current developing procedure with Eclipse 3.0M7 and ongoing development about the test suite.
  • Query cache fixes and improvements including cache flushing, LRU updates and eager entries invalidation.
  • Added saving of configuration for monitoring console (reload windows, positions,monitoring options)
  • Added Monitoring Console to start, stop graphs on demand.
  • Fixed script path bug for squirrel and raidb1. Bugs reported by Mogan Hankins.
  • Added SQL statement dump limitations in traces and exception to prevent overflow with very long queries or queries containing large objects. A new attribute in virtual database can be used to set the maximum length of a SQL dump.
  • Fixed driver automatic reconnection attempts that was not properly reseted in case of a successful reconnect.
  • Fixed bug in XML parsing for timestamp resolution with RAIDb-2 load balancers. Bug noticed by Dave Seff.
  • Fix for bug: #300087. The controller name and settarget name in the console are checked before beeing called.
  • Added HelpFrame and ReportFrame in the console
  • Report can now be generated from the controller mbean.
  • Added JDepend to the ant build file for code dependencies and coverage.
  • Graphic installer packages list has been updated to: driver, console, controller,hsql, squirrel, demo.
  • Updated izPack to latest version 3.4 so it works on mac OSX.

Monday, 9 February 2004: C-JDBC 1.0rc1 released

This release candidate 1 prefigures the final version. Among other features horizontal scalability and rewriting rules have been added, documentation updated, console enhanced, as well as many fixes and improvements.

  • Updated User guide and fixed typos in developer guide.
  • Updated DatabaseSchema definition in the DTD, and updated user documentation
  • Updated to octopus 2.5.
  • Fixed problem in VariablePoolConnectionManager initialization if maxPoolSize was omitted when both initPoolSize and minPoolSize were defined.
  • Added RewritingRule to allow requests to be rewritten on-the-fly for specific backends according to user-defined rules. This offers support for heterogeneous clusters.
  • Fixed potential problem with multiple concurrent write queries execution that may not have returned the exact number of modified rows or exact value of auto-increment key.
  • Added DistributedRequestManager for SingleDB, RAIDb-1 and RAIDb-2 to provide horizontal scalability for these configurations.
  • Updated c-jdbc-controller.dtd: now controller name defaults to local host name instead of 'default'.
  • Updated c-jdbc.dtd about horizontal scalability configuration.
  • Fixed problem with task completion in case the last node of a RAIDb-1 configuration failed to execute a query.
  • Better exception typing to report more accurately errors.
  • Default controller name is no more 'default' but the name of the local host if no name has been specified on the command line or in the controller.xml file.
  • Fixed missing ResultSet closing while fetching database procedures. Bug notified by
  • Finished integration of Octopus 2.3. Backup is now fully working
  • Fixed org.objectweb.cjdbc.driver.Blob position(byte,long) to take into account the pattern start as suggested by
  • Now can display multiple databases or controllers on the graph.
  • Added new input/output streams to enable compression for writes.
  • Added graphs to show load on the controller and the virtual databases.
  • Added data views for controller, virtual databases and backends from the console.
  • Fixed saveConfiguration not working after xsl transformation
  • Improved translation model, and added translation keys test that checks for missing keys in java code and xsl files.
  • Fixed bug in virutal database parsing when request cache just uses the default eager cache rule.
  • Fixed NPE when fetching stored procedures from backend. Note that if 2 stored procedures have the same name but different signatures, only the first stored procedure found is kept in the schema. This has to be improved.
  • Fixed bugs and enhanced c-jdbc.xsl.
  • Fixed missing timestampResolution in XML dump for RAIDb-1 and RAIDb-2 load balancers.
  • Backends can now be in read-only or read-write mode according to the distribution policy used for distributed virtual databases (horizontal scalability).
  • Replaced deprecated MockConnection with MockConnection2 in test suite.
  • Improved error handling in ResultSet when trying to access a closed ResultSet. Misleading exception noticed by Xavier Lawrence.
  • Improved socket error handling in VirtualDatabaseWorkerThread.

Friday, 19 December 2003 : C-JDBC 1.0b16 released

Overall stability improved, stored procedures, security rules, new cache.

  • Renamed getDump in console with getXml
  • Rework xml output so the information is xslt transformed from xml
  • Xml output has been reworked and checked. The output file can be used to configure the controller and the virtual dabtase again.
  • Implemented limited security controler in the controller based on ip address.
  • Added showCache to text console
  • Added driver parsing support for embedding user and password in the url
  • Added Swing frame to display content of the cache in the console
  • Re-Implemented cache with new design. Now three behavior for cache, Eager|Relaxed|NoCache as well as a better separation between Database,Table.Column,ColumnUnique caches.
  • Implemented auto reconnection in jmx clients.
  • bind method for console has been fixed.
  • Added Octopus Backup support
  • c-jdbc.dtd changes: added a new Monitoring element, added CacheRules to QueryCache, added timestampResolution to cache and load balancers, replaced several IMPLIED attributes with their default value.
  • Added new SQL queries monitoring and statistic display in console.
  • Added fix for stored procedures problem with postgresql.
  • Added timestampResolution to query cache and RAIDb-1 and 2 load balancers to define the replacement policy for now() macros.
  • Fixed bug that return the wrong parsing granulatity for the QueryCache.
  • Fixed bug in merging schema with some parsing granularities
  • Report generation is modular, and can be configured in controller.xml file.
  • Added support for read-only stored procedure that are executed by a single node according to the current load balancing policy.
  • RAIDb-2 stored procedures are now executed only by the nodes having the stored procedure in their schema.
  • Updated c-jdbc.dtd with a new connectionTestStatement attribute for the DatabaseBackend element. This attribute defines the SQL statement to use to check if a connection is still valid. The validity of the given statement is checked during driver compliance checking.
  • Fixed pool size initialization problem in VariablePoolConnectionManager.
  • Fixed [BUG #488]: Bad connections are now automatically detected and replaced when needed for all kind of pools. If a backend is no more reachable (in read), it is automatically disabled (it was already ok for writes).
  • Changed RequestPlayer to use Statements instead of PreparedStatements.

Tuesday, 04 November 2003 : C-JDBC 1.0b15 released

More JDBC2.0 features supported, reporting, and many fixes.

  • Added generation of report when fatal error occurs or with proper shutdown.
  • Added getProcedures and getProcedureColumns support in the driver.
  • Fix possible recoveryLog misbehavior when a checkpoint was stored while some transactions were not committed.
  • Added getColumns and getPrimaryKeys in metadata for Virtual databases.
  • Fix registration of virtual databases in Jmx. Was executed twice
  • Fixed wrong port of the naming service for jmx. The only port that was changed was the one of the JRMP adaptor. Reported by Marc Wick.
  • Fixed NPE in DriverCompliance tests
  • Fixed getDump method that was failing in createTableRule
  • Added IP-specific binding to permit the C-JDBC Controller to use a specific IP on a multi-NIC server.
  • Shutdown is available over Jmx
  • Implemented three levels of shutdown of the controller. A shutdown client is available through script files.
  • Added JDBC 3.0 compatible java.sql.Statement class to allow the code to compile getGeneratedKeys support with JDK 1.3
  • Driver compliance now tests getGeneratedKeys support (not required).
  • Moved C-JDBC ResultSet cloning from RequestManager to driver.ResultSet.
  • Added support for getGeneratedKeys for SingleDB, RAIDb-0, RAIDb-1 and RAIDb-2 based on the contribution from Vadim Kassin.
  • Modified ResultSet method with code from Mysql driver. This is to prevent a class cast exception reported by
  • Fixed bug in RAIDb 0, 1 and 2 pessimistic schedulers for create queries.
  • Fixed NPE when RAIDb-2 does not specify a create table policy.
  • Fixed request manager database schema merging that was affecting the schema of individual backends.
  • Fixed DriverCompliance to handle NoSuchMethodError exceptions with the 2.0.x
  • Enhanced GUI Console popup menu with basic shortcut commands and file browsers to simplify loading XML/SQL/JAR files
  • Fixed NPE in database schema fetching when underlying driver does not support getColumns or getPrimaryKeys.
  • Fixed ArrayOutOfBoundException when calling stored procedures with RAIDb-1 or RAIDb-2 with a WaitCompletionPolicy set to WaitForCompletionPolicy.ALL. Bug reported by Paolo Arcagni.
  • Modified c-jdbc.dtd to add a specific Distribution element to define distribution rules for sharing a virtual database between several controllers (horizontal scalability).
  • Removed specific distributed schedulers. The distribution is handled by the DistributedRequestManager and not by each scheduler.
  • Modified Controller and controller configuration classes to support controller naming.

Thursday, 23 October 2003 : C-JDBC 1.0b14 released

New Configuration of controller, as well as other things.

  • In console, getDump and getInfo for xml dump and original getInformation method.
  • Output of schema in xml format can be accessed via a set of additionnal getXmlInformation methods.
  • Jmx adaptors can be specified by type and by port in the c-jdbc-controller.xml file.
  • Fixed initialization problem with VariablePoolConnectionManager when maxPoolSize is missing. Bug reported by Guillermo Schulman.
  • Fixed problem finding controller.xml file when C-JDBC is installed in a directory containing a space on Windows. Problem reported by

Thursday, 16 October 2003 : C-JDBC 1.0beta13 released

This release offers Jmx control, hyper sonic environment, squirrel graphical tool, as well as speed optimizations.

  • Added RAIDb-1 preconfigured example for linux and windows platforms.
  • Added optional package hsqldb (Hyper Sonic SQL) for testing. If selected can be accessed via Squirrel with no configuration option.
  • Added Jmx Support for the controller and the Virtual Database, Jmx is now enabled by default. Communication between the console and the controller is now done by Jmx over RMI. Removed unused interfaces �and duplicates.
  • Added Squirrel Sql Client to the binary release with a default configuration for C-JDBC. Modified the izPack installation accordingly.
  • Disabled Nagle algorithm on driver-controller sockets using the TCP_NODELAY option. This is to solve a performance problem under Linux that ignores the flush on the output stream and waits for the Nagle algorithm's timeout (200ms) before sending small messages such as C-JDBC protocol commands (integers).
  • Fixed [BUG #512]: VariablePoolConnectionManager initialization could result in a NPE due to a too early thread start.
  • Full controller version number is now displayed at controller startup and correctly reported by the C-JDBC driver metadata.

24 September 2003: C-JDBC 1.0beta12 released

Maintenance release as beta11 was missing files.Also:

  • Driver now accepts short for URLs such as jdbc:cjdbc://host/db
  • Updated DriverTest to test new C-JDBC URL format.
  • Fixed synchronization bug in DatabseBackendWorkerThread.waitForAllWritesToComplete
  • Updated tests on VariablePoolConnection.

22 September 2003: C-JDBC 1.0beta11 released

This new release implements brings a bunch of improvements. RMI has been removed from driver-controller communication, the c-jdbc urls is now freed from controller's name, only port is used. For an exhaustive list, please see below:

  • Added support for loading controller configuration from xml file. Updated user guide with starting instructions.
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior of various ResultSet.getBigDecimal(...) implementations as suggested by Mark Wick.
  • Fixed [BUG #485]: VariablePoolConnectionManager accepts a minPoolSize value of 0 and initializes the correct number of connections specified by initPoolSize.
  • Fixed infinite loop in virtual database admin console when connection was lost with controller.
  • Fixed backend initialization. Connection pool is no more added when the backend is added but when it is enabled (which was the expected behavior).
  • Database schema is now dynamically updated when backend are enabled or disabled and changes are propagated to scheduler and cache schemas.
  • Fixed bug in controller logger definition in
  • Removed RMI communication between driver and controller. Driver and controller now only communicate using sockets even for the controller lookup (which was the last part using RMI). VirtualDatabaseServerThread has been removed and there is now a single ControllerServerThread for all databases that handle the job to ControllerWorkerThread that to the dispatch and admission control for virtual databases. Finally, VirtualDatabaseWorker threads handle the connection with the driver.
  • Fixed NPE in VirtualDatabase.getTables if table pattern is null.
  • Added implementation of Statement.execute(sql) and Statement.getMoreResults() used by SQuirreL SQL.
  • Updated Driver.DatabaseMetaData to support more information needed by SQuirreL SQL. Changed getIdentifierQuoteString() to return a space.
  • DriverCompliance now tests if driver supports setMaxRows and if so setMaxRows is set whenever needed to reduce the amount of data to be gathered by the underlying driver.
  • Fixed admission control so that driver gets a "Too many connections" error message if maximum number of connections is reached.
  • New JDBC url format is used for connection to C-JDBC. Refer to user manual for further information. Default is: jdbc:cjdbc://hostname:portnumber/databasename and portnumber can be omitted.
  • Fixed bugs to allow PreparedStatement.setXXX(..,"null") calls as specified in the JDBC api. Fixed by Marc Wick.
  • Fixed PreparedStatement.setTimestamp format. Thanks to Marc Wick.
  • Fixed [BUG #498]: Statement.getBoolean() now converts to a boolean even if the database returns a number. Fixed by Alexander Laamanen.
  • Fixed deadlock in VariablePoolConnectionManager that conflicted with RemovePoolConnectionsThread in releaseConnection().
  • Fixed synchronization problem for read request that execute concurrently outside the scope of a transaction in RAIDb-1 and RAIDb-2 controllers. Bug noticed by Mark Wick when trying to debug cache code.
  • Improved Driver connection problem error messages.
  • Started work on internationalization. Messages are now referenced from a property file, and can be translated as needed.
  • Saving of current controller configuration can be done from the JMX console.

You can download the binary or source distribution and the documentation on our ObjectWeb Forge site.

5 September 2003: C-JDBC 1.0beta10 released

This new release implements support for blob and clobs and provides also several fixes and improvements:

  • Equivalent insert is now correctly computed when fields contain spaces (JUnit tests have also been extended).
  • Update statements parsing did not handle properly case sensitivity. This is now fixed and query cache maintains coherency even if parsing has failed by flushing the whole cache. Bug isolated by Dominic Dupuis.
  • Improved Ant build file (way to build IzPack installers, moved jdk1.3 src from ./src_jdk1.3 to ./src/jdk1.3 directory, removed hardcoded paths and other minor fixes) and upgraded from IzPack 3.0.7 to 3.1.0b.
  • The Developper Guide is now not included in the bin distribution.
  • Changed DriverCompliance testing for PreparedStatement. Failure now just generates a warning and test uses a fake INSERT statement (as used by the JDBCRecoveryLog) instead of an empty commit statement that was not compatible with HSQL 1.7.2alphaN. Problem reported by Mark Wick.
  • ResultSet.getBigDecimal no more throws ClassCastException if underlying object is of type Double or String. It is silently converted to a BigDecimal as suggested by Mark Wick.
  • Blob and Clob are now supported and have been tested with success on mysql and postgresql on a single backend. Special encoding is done for the data so no exception is thrown for speficic data formatting on large objects.

You can download the binary or source distribution and the documentation on our ObjectWeb Forge site.

26 August 2003: C-JDBC 1.0beta9 released

This new release fixes a major bug for recovery log users and provides also several fixes and improvements:

  • Added the management of some SQL functions (COUNT, MAX, etc.) when parsing queries.
  • Added the invalidation of the cached queries associated with a table in case of a DROP request.
  • Fixed the parsing of SQL queries in case of columnUniqueDelete granularity.
  • Fixed bug related to cache invalidation when several unique columns determine unique DELETE requests.
  • Added support for Statement.setMaxRows(int) that was not implemented on controller side.
  • Fixed race in JDBCRecoveryLog that could lead to 'Duplicate entry ...' errors and some requests failed to be logged. Bug noticed by Jim Crossley.
  • JDBCRecoveryLog works now asynchronously to improve performance and to provide a framework to handle log failures.

You can download the binary or source distribution and the documentation on our ObjectWeb Forge site.

21 August 2003: C-JDBC 1.0beta8 released

This release mainly fixes a major bug for query cache users:

  • Modified javadoc target in the build file to build C-JDBC test Suite Javadoc.
  • Updated user documentation with console history usage and fixed release procedure in developer doc.
  • Fixed [BUG #298]: request scheduler definition has been rewritten.
  • ResultSet.getDate, getTime and getTimestamp now gracefully converts the requested object to the right type instead of throwing a cast exception if the native driver returned an object of a different type.
  • Fixed bug when query cache is running on the same host as the driver, the ResultSet is not properly cloned when sent over the local emulation of the socket. Now the ResultSet is systematically cloned to prevent any problem.
  • Virtual database console does not call anymore rs.beforeFirst() prior to display the ResultSet. This allows to check the above bug fix and is the expected behavior from a Java application.

You can download the binary or source distribution and the documentation on our ObjectWeb Forge site.

19 August 2003: C-JDBC 1.0beta7 released

New features and fixes are described below:

  • Added 'database' caching granularity that becomes the default caching policy of the QueryCache.
  • Cache now handles transaction commit/rollback but isolation is only ensured with transaction level schedulers.
  • Fixed bug in cache invalidation for drop queries.
  • Updated documentation about stored procedures in console, new caching functionalities, DTD updates and removed missing features that have been implemented.
  • Added package ${ New Configuration of controller. as well as other things. } for Javadoc.
  • Removed test classes from C-JDBC API Javadoc.
  • Unified management of NOW() and RAND() SQL macros by all schedulers.
  • NOW() is handled as a Timestamp instead of a Date.
  • Fixed query cache behavior for statements containing SQL macros.
  • Added tcsh like command redo (!command_prefix) to automatically recall command history from GUI console.
  • Commands are now added only once in the console history and history pointer is kept between command calls.
  • Fixed missing SQLException throwing when read request failed twice in RAIDb-1 schedulers.
  • Added read request automatic recovery and failure detection in RAIDb-2 controllers.

You can download the binary or source distribution and the documentation on our ObjectWeb Forge site.

14 August 2003: C-JDBC 1.0beta6 released

C-JDBC is releasing its first beta release: 1.0beta6. Here is the list of enhancements for this new release:

  • Updated user documentation with DataSource usage by Marek Prochazka, and added stored procedure usage.
  • Added support for stored procedures in driver, controller, console, SingleDB, RAIDb-1 and RAIDb-2.
  • Added support for connection.setReadOnly(boolean) so that user can force connections to be read-only and prevent the cache to be flushed especially when calling stored procedures.
  • Changed log and checkpoint table default names in DTD to prevent case sensitivity issues with table names with some RDBMS.
  • Fixed bad logger name in BackendWorkerThread.
  • Fixed driver connection cache so that connection points to failed controllers are automatically flushed from the cache. This fixes the 'connection refused' exception that some users got when restarting the controller while keeping the client running.
  • Updated developer documentation with the C-JDBC release procedure.

6 August 2003: C-JDBC 1.0alpha5 released

C-JDBC 1.0alpha5 is released. Here is the change log:

  • Added a section in the documentation about the Requet Player.
  • escapeProcessing can now be disabled in PreparedStatement.setString(...) if setEscapeProcessing(false) has been called. Problem reported by Mike Daleiden
  • Cache management: added a new caching granularity (columnUniqueDelete).
  • Added basic support for batch updates.
  • Improved syntax checking in delete statement parsing.
  • Updated DTD with the new columnUniqueDelete cache granularity and the new JDBCRecoveryLog definition.
  • JDBCRecovery log and checkpoint table create statement are now user tunable to be portable across on database engines that does not accept the default create statements.
  • Updated examples with and documentation with various RecoveryLog definitions including a HSQL specific log table creation statement.
  • Added configuration for CheckStyle v3.1.
  • Removed redundant public modifiers in interfaces.
  • Cleaned some empty statements detected by Checkstyle.
  • Fixed bug in VirtualDatabaseConsole that prevented to exit the console if the connection was lost with the controller.
  • Added driver.DataSource implementation. This allows to bind an initialized C-JDBC DataSource object at an "application server" site, and to retrieve it a client site via JNDI.
  • Fixed bug in JDBCRecoveryLog reported by Jess Sightler: setting of logTableId was not thread safe.
  • Improved requestplayer tools: added -f (--file) allowing to use another configuration file instead of default file in config/

13 June 2003: C-JDBC 1.0alpha4 released

C-JDBC 1.0alpha4 is released. The version provides the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Added graphic console: this new console is launched by default and provides some facilities, but the old console can still be used using the new option -t (--text).
  • Added -f (--file) option to the console allowing to use a given file as the source of commands instead of reading commands interactively.
  • Fixed bug in src distribution: src_jdk1.3 was not included (reported by bd-c-jdbc at
  • Modified build file to allow compilation in JDK < 1.3.
  • Query cache commit/update reports a warning instead of throwing a NotImplemtentedException.

5 June 2003: C-JDBC 1.0alpha3 released

C-JDBC 1.0alpha3 is released. The version provides the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Fixed bug in the build process reported by Greg Ward: the doc is now really generated only if the generate.doc property is set in (the value does not matter) and the dist target succeeds now when doc is not generated.
  • Applied [Patch #8]: Fixed typo in log and error message.
  • Modified doc build process to include automatically the release number defined in in User and Developer's guides, XML config files samples, ...
  • Fixed [BUG #272]: Ctrl-D results in NullPointerException in the console.
  • Fixed [BUG #303,#307]: Modified JDBCRecoveryLog to ensure Sybase compatibility.
  • Fixed [BUG #296]: Console can not handle null values.
  • Fixed bug in XML configuration file parsing which prevents RAIDb-0 scheduler level query to work (reported by Xavier Spengler)
  • Fixed [BUG #299]: Console: error in admin prompt returns to main.
  • Fixed multiple backends usage with SingleDB load balancer.
  • Updated user documentation with Tomcat, JOnAS and JBoss configuration.

4 June 2003: C-JDBC integrated with ExperSHOP and XAPool

ExperLog has announced today the support of C-JDBC in its ExperSHOP product. This integration also uses the XAPool project .

22 May 2003: C-JDBC 1.0alpha2 released

C-JDBC 1.0alpha2 is released. The version provides the following enhancements:

  • Fixed [BUG #272]: Failed to execute query with java.sql.Statement
  • Fixed [BUG #273]: Unsupported Datatype in C-JDBC console
  • Fixed [BUG #290]: Case sensitive parsing is supported and optional (this option has been added to the DTD)
  • Fixed [BUG #291]: Typo in fixed by Greg Ward
  • Fixed [BUG #292]: Typo in console found by Greg Ward
  • Fixed ResultSet display in console if driver returns a negative column display size
  • Added support for backend network failure (usually when the backend dies) the backend is now automatically disabled and the read request is performed by another backend.
  • Updated examples
  • Fixed bug in packaging of the binary distribution that prevents JMX http interface to work (stylesheets were missing)
  • Added contribution from Guillaume Bort for getCatalog/setCatalog and DatabaseMetaData.getTables support (needed by JBoss)
  • Fixed missing ResultSet closing in database schema fetching (problem reported by Andre Austin)
  • Fixed PreparedStatement compliance testing that failed for SAP DB (problem reported by Dan Winfield)
  • Fixed typo in the QueryCacheDB entry of the C-JDBC DTD as reported by the Apollon team.
  • Enhanced runtime exception handling in C-JDBC console
  • Added sanity checks for missing user name or password when trying to get a connection from the driver.
  • Full ResultSetMetaData implementation.
  • Fixed problem with ResultSet.getInt() for Oracle by Andre Austin.

7 May 2003: C-JDBC 1.0alpha1 released

C-JDBC 1.0alpha1 is released. The version provides the following enhancements:

  • Fixed [BUG #144]: RMI registry startup on already used port
  • Fixed [BUG #262]: SQL requests where systematically converted to lowercase
  • Added support for BLOB
  • Improved error message handling in driver
  • Improved request parsing by using SQL skeletons given in PreparedStatement

29 April 2003: C-JDBC 1.0alpha0 released

C-JDBC 1.0alpha0 has been officially released. You can download the binary or source distribution and the documentation on our ObjectWeb Forge site.

During the last months, we have been refactoring, debugging, and testing the C-JDBC code. This new version has been successfully tested with Tomcat, JOnAS, MySQL and PostgreSQL. Excellent results have been obtained with the TPC-W and RUBiS benchmarks.

November 2002

C-JDBC Web site launched. Visit also our site on the ObjectWeb Forge.

October 2002

C-JDBC first open source version available!

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