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Production release:
Sequoia 2.10.10

Development release:
Sequoia 4.0

Latest news

May 2008 New support and consulting services available
The original creator of C-JDBC provides new consulting services at FrogThinker.com.

Wednesday, May 7 2008 Sequoia 2.10.10 available
Sequoia is the continuation of the C-JDBC project under an Apache license. A new stable production release is available. You can download both binary or source distribution and documentation at Continuent.org Forge site.


C-JDBC is an open source (LGPL) database cluster middleware that allows any Java application (standalone application, servlet or EJB container, ...) to transparently access a cluster of databases through JDBC(tm). The database is distributed and replicated among several nodes and C-JDBC balances the queries among these nodes. C-JDBC handles node failures and provides support for checkpointing and hot recovery.

Sequoia is a new version of C-JDBC available under an Apache license. You can download Sequoia from the Continuent.org Forge.

Quick facts
  • No modification of existing applications or databases,
  • High availability provided by advanced RAIDb technology,
  • Performance scalability with unique load balancing and query result caching features,
  • Integrated JMX-based administration and monitoring,
  • 100% Java implementation allowing portability across platforms,
  • Open source licensed under LGPL.

How does it work?

For a quick architectural overview, check How does it work?.

More information

Learn more by downloading the C-JDBC brochure [ English C-JDBC english pdf ].

Check out our white paper to get an insight on C-JDBC.

To download C-JDBC binary or source distributions, use the link on the left banner.

Getting Involved

C-JDBC, as an open source project, welcomes external contributions in any form:

  • help other users on the mailing list,
  • feedback on use cases,
  • bug reports,
  • patches,
  • examples,
  • documentation,
  • translations,
  • ...

Post on the Sequoia mailing lists and join us!

You might also use the old C-JDBC mailing list, but traffic is much more low on this one. See C-JDBC mailing list page.

Don't hesitate to use the Continuent.org Forge or the ObjectWeb Forge and see also the developers' corner pages.

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