C-JDBC - Support

Professional support

Professional support is available from FrogThinker.com. We provide services such as:

  • Development support contracts: we support your development teams, provide expertise and custom implementations.

  • OEM/ISV support contracts: we help you integrate C-JDBC in your solutions and provide 3rd level support.

  • Consulting services: we can help you in the design and architecture of complete solutions with C-JDBC.

  • Onsite training: we offer onsite training to help you master C-JDBC in production environments.

Download the C-JDBC professional services brochure for a description of the services we provide.

Contact us by sending a mail to sales@frogthinker.com.

Community support

The C-JDBC team provides a best effort support to the community. Look at the documentation section of the web site and don't hesitate to participate in the translation effort. C-JDBC is an open source project and welcomes external contributions. Please read the C-JDBC Developper's Guide and join us!

Basically, any feature you need but you do not find implemented in C-JDBC may become a contribution topic. Simply send your ideas, documents and developments (if any) to the c-jdbc@objectweb.org mailing list. You may also wish to get involved in an already undertaken work. The list of hot topics is available at the C-JDBC's ObjectWeb Forge site. Please use also the ObjectWeb Forge tools for feature requests and bug reports/fixes.

Mailing Lists

Two public mailing lists are currently available for C-JDBC. Both lists are archived for public review and you are encouraged to subscribe to the user mailing list from the ObjectWeb mailing list tool page.

  • c-jdbc@objectweb.org is the user mailing list. It is the source to get the latest information about C-JDBC, send your feedback and get support from the C-JDBC community.

  • c-jdbc-commits@objectweb.org is a developper mailing list that reports every commit in the C-JDBC CVS repository.

Feedback is crucial to improve C-JDBC. Please send us your comments or any other form of input to: c-jdbc@objectweb.org.

Reporting a Bug

The ObjectWeb Forge C-JDBC project page provides support for bug tracking. We strongly encourage you to use the automatic Report feature (see C-JDBC documentation) that provides all the details we usually need to figure out what happened. If you cannot use this feature, please include the following information when reporting a bug (when applicable):

  • The C-JDBC driver and controller version.

  • The XML file you used to configure the C-JDBC controller.

  • JDK vendor and version (example: Sun JDK 1.3.1_06). If you use different JDK for driver and controller, please give as much detail as possible.

  • OS vendor and version (examples: Linux 2.4.19 or Windows XP). If you use different operating systems for clients, controllers and backends, give the appropriate information.

  • Database backend version and driver (example: MySQL 4.0.8 Linux with mm.mysql driver 2.0.14).

  • Detailed error description with possibly the exception stack trace or a logging trace with debugging enabled.

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