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Project Team

The C-JDBC core team is composed of:

  • Emmanuel Cecchet (FrogThinker ): main developer, lead architect and project manager.
  • Mathieu Peltier (Continuent ): web infrastructure and quality insurance.
  • Nicolas Modrzyk (INRIA Rhone-Alpes): core, test framework and administration tools developer.
  • Marc Wick (Dimago): classloader, security and JMX 2.0 developer.
  • Laurence Boissieux (INRIA SED ): graphical art.
  • Steve Lounsbury (Canadian Bank Note): stress tester, bug hunter and major feedback contributor.
  • Jean-Bernard van Zuylen ( transwide): Updatable ResultSets and Savepoint implementation.
  • Olivier Fambon (Continuent ): recovery features.
  • Marc Herbert (Continuent): network protocols and driver.
  • Jeff Mesnil (Continuent): console.
  • Damian Arregui (Continuent ): group communication.
  • Dylan Hansen (How2Share Technologies): stress tester, bug hunter and major feedback contributor.


We would also like to thank all the following people who have also contributed to C-JDBC:

  • Julie Marguerite (ObjectWeb): early developer and benchmarking contributions.
  • Christiana Amza (Rice University): caches contribution.
  • Anupam Chanda (Rice University): caches contribution.
  • Sara Bouchenak (EPF Lausanne): caches contribution.
  • Guillaume Bort (INRIA Lorraine): JBoss support.
  • Marek Prochazka (INRIA Rhone-Alpes): Datasource developer.
  • Greg Ward: contribution to scripts.
  • Duncan Smith: Weblogic support and management contribution.
  • Vadim Kassin (Kazakhstan Stock Exchange ): support for getGeneratedKeys.
  • Alessandro Riolo (Sen - Internet Software System)
  • Jeffrey Kolesky (Edusoft): many contributions and bug fixes.
  • Gokul Soundararajan (University of Toronto): semantic cache developer.
  • Paul Ferraro: Blob and batch updates contribution.
  • Rick LaBanca: Octopus support.
  • Diego Malpica: Blob/Clob encoding contribution
  • Jaco Swart: PreparedStatement proxying contribution
  • Jeremy Philippe: Debugging and Hibernate support
  • Tee Teoh (Canadian Bank Note): JLine contribution for the administration console.
  • Niraj Tolia (Carnegie Mellon University): result cache and many other contributions.
  • Stephane Ducas (IdealX): Scripts to run C-JDBC as a Mandrake Linux Service.
  • Lou Kamenov: Scripts to run C-JDBC as a Linux Service with daemontools.
  • Helge Stahlmann (BCplus): German translation and reponsible for localization.
  • Silvan Eugen Lincan (Moodmedia): PostgreSQL bytea encoding contribution.
  • Steen Jansdal: developer guide contributions.
  • Mohan Chinnappan (J2EE Consultant, C-JDBC flash demo.

We apologize if we miss someone. Please email us to correct that.

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